Welcome to the Horseshoe Scout Reservation Alumni Association Virtual Museum!  Awaiting you is a fantastic glimpse into the history of the Horseshoe Scout Reservation. The HSRAA Virtual Museum prides itself on patron submissions, so any member can submit their artifacts for all to see! 

       Inside you'll find pictures, stories, memorabilia, video and documents that paint a rich tapestry of Chester County Council's 90 years of Horseshoe Reservation camping and the years that preceded.  CCC will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year, and this is one great way to celebrate the occasion!  Each digital artifact is cataloged and searchable, or you can take your own self-guided tour of the museum!  Since the museum is always growing thanks to users like you, check back often and you're bound to find something new. 

      We hope you enjoy your visit and consider becoming a member of the HSRAA today! 

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